Smart Security

The evolution in security locks leads YACAN SMART to constantly expand our product range. We are experts in protecting your entire structure, both physical and digital. Our alarm and video surveillance systems give you total protection for your home and your family, both when you are inside and when you are away from home.

Secure Encryption

Full link communication encryption ensures that a video file is converted into a secret file by its original sender and will be decrypted only by its final receiver.

Live alerts

Receive alerts by notification, text messages, email and calls or trigger an alarm immediately if security is breached. For example, if locks are low on battery, tampered with or someone tries to break the lock.

Video doorbell link

The link between a smart lock and a video doorbell allows you to screen and talk to your visitors, answering the door from anywhere. No external power supply required.

Video Surveillance Cameras (IP y CCTV)

Our video surveillance systems, in addition to complying with the LOPD, are approved in various establishments, and guarantee the security of people, customers and workers, as well as the tangible assets that form part of the establishment’s furniture, respecting the aesthetics of the complex and the comfort and privacy of its customers. There are currently models of cameras and devices that incorporate advanced algorithms that can count people, manage queues, detect hot spots and even recognise faces.