Smart Lock Technology

Turn your door into a smart system with a lock designed to keep your home or business secure and make your life easier with Yacan Smart. We offer you a smart solution for remote opening of electronic locks in multiple areas: hotels, holiday homes, communities, offices, garage doors, lockers, etc. Our products will allow you to lock and unlock your lock securely from anywhere in the world. Access your home or business without using keys, keeping a record of entry/exit and providing virtual keys to your guests or clients.

Keyless entry

Smart locks offer convenient keyless entry to your home or business, whether by mobile phone, fingerprint, card, password, face detection or RFID wristbands. You can verify the visitor’s identity and grant temporary access.

Mobile application

Our entire system is possible thanks to our Yacan Smart mobile application (available for iOS and Android). Once connected to the APP you will be able to protect, monitor and manage access via your smartphone. Compatible with new mobile technologies and home automation systems.

Application for smartphones and tablets

Households and Businesses

We offer a Reliable Security Service. Full link communication encryption, and our integrated chip will protect your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will get information on your smartphone from a log of all entries and exits made at as many locks as you wish.

Opening of automatic doors

  • Compatible with 100% of locks

  • Manage permissions and access logging

  • Enables intelligent temporary access

  • Manage visitor access

  • Lifts with user restrictions

Garage door openers

  • Compatible with 100% of locks

  • They work offline

  • Easy installation of the chip for the user

  • Available for horizontal or vertical opening

  • Communities, Car parks, Individual garages…