Home automation

Solutions for the smart home.

Your smart home has to know what to do at all times. It has to know you and know that in the morning you like to wake up to a certain radio station, blinds that go up slightly, and raise the temperature if necessary. A level of intelligent automation that will save you chores every day.

Build a comprehensive security and protection system by taking advantage of fully functional security cameras and diversified sensors. 24/ monitoring and live alerts provide users with convenience and above all peace of mind.

Access control

The smart peephole features motion detection, video capture and recording, and sends live alerts of unusual activity to smartphones. Once residents’ facial information is stored, smart peepholes can identify authorised users and unknown persons.

Vehicle access control

Our vehicle recognition devices use local artificial intelligence algorithms combined with applications and web applications to efficiently perform vehicle access control, including number plate recognition, number plate management and linking to arm barriers.

Voice and vision linkage

Connect smart video with voice assistants
voice assistants for voice control of video devices. Sound detection, such as crying and glass breaking, triggers the visual link, enabling live alerts, log storage and viewing.

Linked interfaces with unlimited possibilities

Our products work automatically, but if you need to intervene manually, you can do so quickly and easily. No hassle. Activate or deactivate functions and regulate them from your smartphone, remote controls or pushbuttons.

blind corners – children’s play areas – fitness areas, etc.

Intelligent dimming – Curtain control – Daylight control, etc.

Temperature adjustment – Humidity control – Ventilation system, etc.

Video chat Active video call – One-touch lift call, etc.

Video surveillance – Intruder alarm – Utility security, etc.

Fire alarm in the building – Fire alarm in the unit, etc.

Energy Saving


Intelligent solutions for energy saving

Our aim is to achieve energy savings for owners and hoteliers through our state-of-the-art technology and to contribute to the environment by saving on their monthly bills, as energy costs in hotels and flats are one of the most important monthly expenses.

With our energy control system in rooms and common areas, we make it possible to save by varying the temperature of the air conditioning in unoccupied rooms or ensuring that the lights or television are switched off.

Soluciones para Hoteles, Apartamentos y Viviendas Vacacionales

High-tech presence monitoring system to detect when a room is empty

Autonomous thermoregulation in the absence of the guest. Controls the switching off of TV, air conditioning, turning lights on or off…

High-tech presence monitoring system to detect when a room is empty

We have energy saving systems for common areas and for rooms, where normally guests can falsify or activate energy loads such as air conditioning when they are not present in the room. With our intelligent system we detect whether the guest is really in the room and thus make correct use of electricity consumption.

Our objective

One of the reasons for high electricity consumption in tourist accommodation is the abusive use of air conditioning units. Guests sometimes leave the equipment running all day long, even with the windows open, causing an unnecessary increase in electricity bills.

The aim of this solution is to prevent the guest from consuming electricity without being present in the room. Our solution starts by replacing the card holder in the room where the room current is switched on, with an intelligent system that detects the presence of energy considerably.

Buildings, Hotels and Apartments

Our energy use habits and the available technology allow us to reduce our consumption and achieve greater energy savings so as not to incur useless energy expenditure.

Although many are already committed to trying to minimise this cost, there are still many who face exorbitant bills; according to Endesa data, only 21% of Spanish hotels have opted to apply energy efficiency measures, with 61% having a potential saving in consumption of 20%.

Another significant energy cost has to do with the consumption of electrical appliances in stand-by mode, i.e. when they are in idle mode. Many of the appliances we normally use are designed to consume some energy while they are switched off or in stand-by. This is where our automatic shut-off sockets come into play.

Smart Saving

  • Automation of lighting in transit areas, reducing the light load when it is not necessary without overlooking safety and comfort for the client.
  • Control of outdoor lighting and garden irrigation.
  • Automatic control of car park lighting.
  • Automation of lighting in corridors, stairways and toilets.
  • Feasibility studies for other areas such as reception, lounges or sports areas.