Digital Solutions tailored to your needs

YACAN SMART smart technology will protect your home or business and make it easy to automate and optimise energy resources.

Automate your check-ins

We are an OFFICIAL PARTNER of Chekin. The only tool on the market with which you can automate the entire online check-in process including virtual key handover, sending travellers’ reports to the police, creating the digital guestbook, upsellings, payments, deposits and much more.

A tool that will allow you to save hundreds of hours per year, earn more money with every booking and offer a TOP experience to your guests, whether you are a hotel manager, a holiday home owner or the manager of an agency with hundreds of properties.

Save time and money by automating the entire check-in process from booking to check-out.

Solutions for the Smart Home

Community Monitoring – Lighting Control – Indoor Environment System – Access Control System – Home Security – Fire Alarm

About Us

Yacan Smart

Solutions to protect your home or business wherever you are.

Our company was born with the vocation to offer the best technological solutions to our customers. We are pioneers in smart opening systems, and from now on, you will have the best security and home automation products at your fingertips.

We offer a quick and easy installation, and our star product is our CHIP SMART to open all types of locks through a mobile application totally free of charge and without fees!

Puerta Principal + 299 €
Puerta Exterior (portal) + 150 € No todas No Todas 100 %
Teclado Numérico Limitados Ilimitados
Gestión Remota + 60 €
Registro de accesos
Check-In Remoto
Instaladores propios
Asistencia 24h
APP Personalizable
Integración PMS
Video Portero
Suscripción mensual 0 € 6,15 € / mes 0 € 9,99 € / mes 0 € 0 €
Precio apx/vivienda 450 € 590 € 550 € 677 € 299 € Desde 119 €

Hundreds of customers, thousands of openings.
The numbers speak for us!

And some of our PARTNERS

100% Compatible with all Virtual Assistants

Talking directly to your smartphone, TV or lighting system is becoming increasingly common in smart homes. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and Google Home, among other technologies, make it possible for us to give voice instructions to your smart appliances.

We customise your APP!