Access control solution for sports and leisure centres

The implementation of an access control system in sports or leisure centres is generally due to the fact that it is a paid service. A very visible example would be the access to gyms, which is usually done by turnstiles or other access and presence devices. The management of permissions for a certain number of accesses or for a specific period of time is the basic concept in these centres, but there are establishments that require a higher level of control.

From access to gyms to museums and amusement parks

Once the customer has paid for access to or use of the facilities, they may also be interested in additional services available to them, and be willing to pay more for them. Lockers on property, access to additional cost rooms such as a VIP lounge in a stadium or a guided class in a fitness centre. These business dynamics require the management of access credentials to the different rooms of the facility from a centralised point and with a unique identification for the customer. Having a powerful and flexible system simplifies internal tasks and improves the customer’s user experience without compromising security and preventing intrusion.

Access control systems are suitable for both sports centres and leisure venues. Depending on the characteristics of each space and the control required, a specific access plan will be established with the most suitable devices.

Among the most common places where we set up these access and presence control systems are:

  • Gyms
  • Sports clubs
  • Swimming pools
  • Sports centres
  • Spas and SPA centres
  • Museums
  • theme parks

The balance between safety and comfort is the basis of a correctly dimensioned access plan, which guarantees the integrity of users and facilities and offers a rewarding experience to the visitor.