Digital Solutions for Institutional Buildings

A major challenge for institutions is to ensure the security of their facilities, workers and information. From small citizen service offices to high-security buildings, they must control who, when and how access is gained in order not to compromise national security.

An access control system allows the management of entrances and exits in institutions, administrations and public buildings with total guarantee and security.

Access control in institutions

State, regional or municipal entities require comprehensive, multi-purpose and scalable access control systems that can be adapted to their current and future security needs in the medium and long term. Government offices and public buildings require in most cases an access control system to properly control access for visitors and authorised personnel.

A change of activity in a building should not require the replacement of access control devices even if the required level of security changes significantly. An integrated system of software and multi-purpose devices ranging from free passage to two-step identification ensures the security and agility of your current and future access plan.

The management of doors that are blocked/unblocked according to a predefined schedule, blocking access in emergency situations that require it or the user himself to release and block the door of the room are some of the most valued features to ensure security without affecting the operation or productivity of the public body.

In areas with high access restrictions, the installation of turnstiles and gates guarantees exclusive access to authorised personnel, with the presence of personnel in the building controlled at all times.