Digital solutions for hotels

Incorporating electronic locks, home automation and access control devices at the service of guests allows us to guarantee them a greater degree of security, satisfaction and comfort during their stay.

At Yacan Smart we distribute electronic locks, security cameras, safes, energy savers, access controls and other devices for the technological equipment of the hotel. Everything you need to equip hotel and hospitality sector facilities with the latest solutions.

Safety of equipment for hotels and flats

Room access security is critical in the industry. Electronic hotel locks with encrypted credential reading, by proximity or Bluetooth via mobile phone, provide the peace of mind that the guest is looking for and that the hotel wishes to provide.

Combine room control with access control to common areas, main entrances, garages, restricted areas, etc., all managed from the same simple software that can be integrated with the hotel’s PMS.

Online Check-in

Facilitate the management of the guest’s arrival by avoiding contact with people, opening doors and sending data to the police.

Contact Less Wristbands

Our contactless technology to reinforce the security of payments, service reservations and access control.

NFC cards

RFID cards allow the code to be read at close range. This allows us to identify ourselves more comfortably and securely.

With Yacan Smart you can combine access control to rooms, common areas, garages, lifts, restricted areas… all from the same simple and secure software, which can also be integrated with your reservation software or PMS, saving many hours of work, gaining in security and avoiding possible errors.

Hotel locks

Fully automate the booking process using online check-in connected to Yacan Smart smart locks.

We install a demo lock in one of the rooms of your hotel or holiday home complex for a trial period, completely free of charge!

APP for Hotels and Apartments

Integral solution for the hotel sector. Online Check-in Module + Intelligent Lock Opening + Cashless Payments via RFID Wristbands.

Manage with us and avoid the crowds at the reception desk

We customise your APP!