Digital Solutions for Healthcare

In healthcare buildings where there are workers, long-stay or short-term patients, visitors, external services, etc., who move through an environment where there are free access areas, highly restricted access areas and sanitised areas, a high-security access control system is required that is both flexible and efficient to cope with such different needs.

Access control operability and security

Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, day centres or any type of centre dedicated to the care of people and their health require a global solution that streamlines the flow of people and provides the necessary level of security for each room.

Controlling who and when can access certain access points, patient rooms, consulting rooms or offices provides the necessary level of security to guarantee the safety of patients, goods, facilities and confidential information.

The various applications of furniture locks allow access to cabinets, lockers, drawers, medicine trolleys or medicine and treatment trolleys to be managed. With RFID locks, medicines, sensitive medical material or medical records are properly guarded and access to each space is recorded.