Digital Solutions for Educational Environments

In complex and variable environments such as schools, the access credentials of each user can vary over short periods of time. Assigning each user permissions for a short period of time and having them updated by passing their credentials through the reader of a main access significantly increases the security of the installation. This update is carried out at the time of access and avoids crowds in the offices of the centres.

Yacan Smart access control in education can be applied to all types of facilities:

  • Schools
  • Institutes
  • Universities
  • Non-regulated education centres
  • Kindergartens
  • Student residences
  • Libraries

The security needed in the field of education

A critical space such as the classroom requires locks that allow for programmed opening and/or closing at set times and that only authorised personnel can access outside these times, with an auditable record of all accesses. Controlling that the classroom is not left open without the presence of responsible personnel guarantees the security of the students’ property and of the facilities.

The same room can have different levels of security: access door, emergency exit, material cupboard, student lockers, cupboards with sensitive material, first-aid kit, etc. Yacan Smart offers access control solutions for each and every one, with specific devices managed by centralised software.